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Kumano Hayatama Taisha Slideshow

Hayatama Taisha, or Hayatama Grand Shrine, also known as Hayatama Jinju is the NEW SHRINE from which Shingu, or SHIN GUU, gets its name. The original shrine is Kamikura Shrine and is where the annual Shingu Fire Festival, or Otou … Continue reading

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The Shingu Fire Festival – Otou Matsuri

Here is an article I wrote for Global Voices of Japan. LINK: http://glovoicesjp.com/etc/english-the-shingu-fire-festival.html?lang=en The Shingu Fire Festival ‘Tanomude! Tanomude! Tanomude!’ This is what you will hear as the sun goes down in Shingu City every year on February 6th. As … Continue reading

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