Kumano is not just about sights and sounds and beautiful waterfalls. Many who come to Kumano have life changing experiences.

In Kumano you can experience walking the Kumano Ancient Road, or Kumano Kodo which will certainly put you into a mode of reflecting on the meaning of your existence. You can also join in a local festival and feel the energy and excitement.

For a virtual experience of Kumano search for ‘Shingu Fire Festival and watch videos 1-4 on that festival. If you watch closely, you will get a deep sense of how people relate to each other in this remote part of Japan far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Kumano is also where the idea of Sustainable Community Tourism was born. See: http://sustainablecommunitytourism.net

Although just in the beginning stages the idea is to bring people to Kumano and have people from here visit other communities with the specific intention of learning hands on how the local people are working towards a sustainable future in their communities. This is a way to travel and actually get to know the people of the countries and regions you are travelling to.

To see videos and articles regarding the Kumano experience CLICK HERE.


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