Kumano is situated on the southern part of the mountainous Kii Hanto, or Kii Peninsula. The Kiihanto Peninsula is famous for its clean and abundant rivers and masculine mountain landscape. The coastal areas feature some of the most spectacular scenery in Japan. Kumano.

The area is full of abundant wildlife and uninhabited mountain ranges that have been traveled for centuries by mountain shamans seeking to purify and train themselves.

Many people from all over Japan come to Kumano all year round to enjoy walking, hiking, and swimming in the rivers and ocean.

Th Kii Peninsula has a moderate climate and high precipitation. Kumano has a wide range of fauna and flora depending on the altitude. You can find broad-leaved evergreen trees to broad-leaved deciduous trees, as well as coniferous trees. In the coastal areas you will find the Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii) and many varieties of broad-leaved evergreen trees such as the Japanese ‘chinquapins’ and evergreen oaks.

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