People of Kumano

A woman sorting her onions in Shingu

Message From the People of Kumano


Through our ability to divide, dissect and analyze, we human beings have been able to create a modern civilization. However, along the way we have also lost something essential to a true human existence. In our quest for knowledge and information regarding the phenomenal world we have lost much wisdom regarding our relationship with the unseen worlds. That is, we have forgotten how to live and die with dignity and conscious awareness of our place in the scheme of life as our ancestors once did. Kumano, has long been considered a land of mystery where the visible and invisible worlds meet. People are able to come here and catch a glimpse of things as they are, as one interconnected whole. This atmosphere makes it possible for people to rediscover their true selves. In this way visitors to Kumano can find true physical, mental and spiritual healing. Even now, in this modern age, Kumano is far from everywhere. This has preserved its charm. But a turning point is upon us in the world today, and we hope that those who take this photo journey with us will be inspired to find their way to Kumano and rediscover the wisdom of their Soul.

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