About KWTV

KumanoWorld.TV is a non-profit site established to highlight the many wonderful people, places, and events in Kumano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

KWTV provides mostly a visual journey into Kumano for residents and visitors alike.

For visitors we are also building an informative site that will give you useful information on where to stay, where to eat, and what to see while you spend a short time in Kumano. We will provide you with some ‘insider’ information on where to get healthy food, clean but inexpensive accommodation, some ‘off the beaten path’ places to visit and much more.

Visit http://www.kumanoworld.info for more information (presently under construction)

For residents, we will take you on a journey to some hidden treasures that even many locals are not aware of. We will let you know where we like to hang out, have fun, play, eat, and soak (i.e. our favorite hot springs!). As we build this site we hope that people in Kumano will use this site to share ideas, places, and build a strong and healthy community.

Visit http://www.kumanoworld.com for more information (under construction)

Feel free to submit your own videos to wayne@wjnash.com

熊野は2004年にユネスコの世界遺産に登録されました。KumanoWorld.TVは、熊野の多くの素晴らしい場所や人々を世界に紹介する非営利サイトです。 もし日本語のNewsletterに登録したかったらここでクリックして下さい。

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