Ueshiba Morihei Founder of Aikido Part 2

Ueshiba Morihei, founder of the Aikido, the peaceful martial art, was born in Tanabe on the Kishu Peninsula in Wakayama. Shingu, Wakayama is famous for the Kumano World Juku Aikido Dojo where Ueshiba Morihei, also known as ‘O Sensei’ or Great Teacher. His top student was Hikitsuchi Michio of Shingu and achieved the top ranking in the Aikido world, a 10th degree black belt.

Thousands of Aikido students from all over the world have come to Shingu for the sole purpose of learning the art of Aikido from Hikitsuchi Sensei.

Hikitsuchi Sensei died on feb 2nd, 2004, the same year that Kumano became a UNESCO World Heritage.

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