Shingu Fire Festival Part 4

Here is the final installment of the Fire Festival series. Let me know your impressions. I think there are some interesting scenes especially how the adults and kids are relating to each other during this festival. There are not a lot of words to confuse the mind. But, you can learn a lot about the spirit of the Japanese culture by watching this video…if you pay attention.

Every year on February 6th over 2000 men and boys gather in the confined precincts of Kamikura Shrine after ascending several hundred stone steps up to the Gotobiki Rock or Gotobiki Iwa. I tried to pick up scenes that are normally not focused on by Japanese photographers and I hope to have succeeded in conveying the attractiveness and meaning of the Fire Festival through the eyes of a non-Japanese. Very often non-Japanese pick up on aspects of Japanese culture that the Japanese take for granted, things that we find quite amazing, just like the composure, humanity, charity in the true meaning of ‘caring’, and orderliness, as recently seen during recent earthquakes, especially the recent Tohoku earthquake. What the Japanese take for granted often amazes the rest of the world. When this happens it serves as a mirror that reflects back to the Japanese the depth and importance of their own culture. Enjoy this short 10 minute clip and feel free to comment.

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