Shingu Fire Festival Part 2

Here is Shingu Fire Festival Part 2 and shows the ‘noboriko’ doing ‘sanshamairi’ where they visit important shrines in the city on their way to Kamikura Jinja (Kamikura Shrine). Most videos on the Otou Matsuri focus on the Fire festival itself. This video gives some sense of the atmosphere in Shingu City leading up to the actual festival. This is one of the main festivals in Kumano. Shingu actually means ‘new shrine’ and refers to Hayatama Jinja or Hayatama Shrine as the new shrine. The original shrine, or old shrine is the Kamikura Shrine and is said to embody the Kumano Gongen. If you plan to visit the UNESCO World Heritage region of Kumano consider joining in or observing this 1400 year old traditional Japanese festival. It is quite exciting to participate in and you can contact the Shingu City Hall for more information on how to join in the fun. It is a man’s festival. But, there are lots of ways that women participate too.

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