Shingu Fire Festival Part 1

This is the first video of 4 videos that I took during the Shingu Fire Festival on February 6th, 2011.

Before the festival all the men and boys who participate in the Shingu Fire Festival eat only white food, drink only white drinks, and dress up in white clothes. The outfit is called shiroshozoku or shinoshozuku. Shinoshozoku has the meaning of clothes that are worn by someone who has died. This video shows some guys getting dressed up. Normally someone needs to help you tie the big rope around your waist. About 2200 men and boys of all ages participated this year including many people from the big city. Non-Japanese are welcome to join in the festival and I talk to an Israeli man and an American fellow from Seattle. Once all dressed up everyone will set out on ‘Sanshamairi’, the visiting of the three main shrines in the cities. 20 years ago sake was served and people got pretty tipsy. But to bring things down to earth a little they are only serving non-alchoholic amazake these days.

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